Huawei Phones

Do you know who the world’s third biggest smartphone maker is? It’s not any other, for now. It’s Huawei Phones. And they have been starting their mobile phone launchings since 1997. Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications company and today it becomes as one of the largest telecom infrastructure makers in the world. The Company headquarters’ in Shenzhen in southern China.

Actually this brand does not limit itself to manufacture only mobile phones. But they were able to expand their business to smartphones and tablets’ market also. Huawei always comes with innovative technology and we can see it clearly by their recent launch – the smartwatch. Actually Huawei stepped into there with an Android Wear based device. They are always believe that more and more people will trust Huawei, step by step, gradually.

Huawei Phones – More

As mentioned above, Huawei Phones are one of the largest smartphone makers from China. Actually the smartphone space is an increasingly overpopulated – read, crowded – place to be. Therefore, all mobile phone brands are trying to pump put more quality phones into the market. Huawei team prides themselves on their investment in research and development in order to manufacture high-end products. For example they were able to launch the world’s fastest 4G LTE smartphone – Ascend P2.

However, Huawei tries to expand their business into more western markets with introducing excellent mobile devices. The Huawei P8 is one of their latest and success mobile phone. It redefines the smartphone by effortlessly delivering top of the line performance at unparalleled speeds. And Y7 is their other popular mobile phone model nowadays. In 2017, they launched Y7 and it comes with a 5.20-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 pixels by 1280 pixels. Therefore, it’s time to find the list of all the latest and new Huawei phones and Huawei Phone Price Sri Lanka. Here, you can check various Huawei Cell Phones and the latest prices, compare cell phone prices and more.

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