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Are you consider yourself to be technologically savvy? Or do you want to be the first of your friends to own the latest and most advanced pieces of technology? If so, HTC phones are one of ideal brands in mobile phone market.  Actually, HTC was able to be an industry leader. Do you know how they started their business? In 1997, HTC entered in to the market as a laptop manufacturer from Taiwan.

After that, they expanded their business and started to make smartphones based on Windows based smartphones. In 2008, they launched their first commercial Android smartphone – HTC Dream. But today, you can experience HTC phones as both Android and Windows based smartphones.

HTC Phones – More

As mentioned above, HTC is expanding their business day by day. They are widely available on the vast majority of cellular phone networks. And HTC mobile phones are becoming increasingly available around the world. You can see that the exact models that are available for each network vary, but the current models come with many of the same features. And do you know that HTC is one of the first manufacturers to produce cell phones that can work on a 4G network? Yes they did it and these HTC devices have blazing speed that greatly exceeds the speed of 3G devices.

And there is another benefit that you can experience from HTC mobile phone. I.e. even non-4G compatible, HTC phones like the HTC Droid Incredible perform at high speeds. These innovative phones come equipped with a number of features that have become popular among smartphone enthusiasts. And do you know that HTC phones are compatible with many popular apps? Yes it does.  The exact apps that are available depend upon whether the device is Windows based or Android based.

However, if you are looking to use your phone for a wide variety of apps, the best choice may be one of HTC’s many Android based models. However, there are many new models you can see in phone market. Here also, you can find the latest HTC phones models and HTC Phone Price Sri Lanka which will be helpful to decide which is best for you. offers a wide selection.

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